Top 10 Yoga For Weight Loss

In the recent times the practice of yoga has elicited a lot of interest in the western Countries. One may be forgiven to think that it is a new concept in the health profession. The practice dates to the ancient times and has since evolved to what we see today. The practice seeks to achieve a perfect connection of the mind, body and soul. This is usually done through certain body postures, controlled breathing and constant meditation.

The benefits of yoga

Yoga helps one achieve the desired blood pressure. It ensures efficient oxygenation and circulation of blood.

Efficient circulation of blood to the body organs ensures nutrients are well distributed in the whole body which in turn develops healthier organs.

Yoga helps achieve reduced pulse rate. When the number of heartbeats reduces it means the heart is strong enough to pump blood to the entire body.

Yoga has been found to greatly improve the cardiovascular endurance.

To achieve these benefits which translates to reduces body weight, one should try performing the following yoga positions every often.


This posture helps develop a stronger core.

The posture entails drawing the heels and the head in opposite direction and slowly moving the chest forward.

Warrior II

This posture helps one develop toned muscles and thighs

The posture entails bending the front knee in order to achieve a parallel with the floor.

As the name suggests it makes one achieve a warrior like position

Warrior III

It helps one develop a toned butt.

Also, it strengthens the back and the legs.

A person could also contract the abs while on this position. it reduces fat around the belly hence improves its appearance.


This posture makes a person achieve a triangle position. One is usually stretched out in the air while the other one touches the toe of the leg with the legs spread apart.

This posture improves the strength and fitness of the abs.

One can also twist and turn to improve the rate of digestion and reduce the fat deposits around the belly.

Downward dog

This helps to tone the whole body with great impact on the back, arms and thighs.

One can rotate the muscles of the thighs inward or outward to improve their strength.

Shoulder stand

This posture serves to improve the rate of digestion by balancing the levels of thyroid

The posture increases the rate of metabolism and the overall level of respiration.

One would develop a strong back and the area between the shoulders develops endurance.


The posture is good for the thyroid. It helps burn excessive fats and hence reduce weight.

It also develops stronger muscles and enhances the level of digestion.

Twisted chair

This can be likened to a tense squat.

The posture develops the quads and the abs. it helps reduce fatty acids around the belly.


This usually the perfect and easiest approach to reduce fat deposits around the stomach.

By pulling the hands and the feet one is able to get a deeper feel of the posture.

Sun salutations

The posture helps stretch the muscles and tone them at the same time.

Performing the yoga positions on a daily basis certainly guarantees a great weight reduction and a healthier body. This may it turn enable one to easily access theВ EHIC card.