Fat Loss Facts: Which are True and which a Fallacy?

Living in a world where the health food sector has flourished at an amazing rate and bombarded us with succulent and mouth-watering dishes it is no wonder that one of the main problems that the world is facing nowadays is finding the solution to fat loss. Thus, we find ourselves scoping out all possible sources for any fat loss facts. However, the search for these treasured facts presents us in quite a quandary. Which facts are indeed true and which are nothing but false?

Rather than jumping ahead in a full, head on crash diet and blindly believing everything, you read and hear it is more sensible to analyze the whole situation and fully test the exactitude of the fat loss facts. One of the main fallacies, regarding fat loss is to quit eating junk foods. Potato crisps are regarded as the ultimate fatty food and it is seen as a sacrilege, to be avoided at all costs. However, let’s have a look at some fat loss facts. Eating potato crisps is not all harmful, as you always need a certain amount of fat in a healthy diet. There just needs to be a check on the calorie intake undertaken. This fact is further supported by the required intake of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) to maintain good health. The consumption of these fats is vital for the breakdown of certain important vitamins, which are not naturally produced so we need to fortify our bodies through their consumption. Controlled fat consumption is therefore indispensible for a healthy diet and serves multiple purposes. Unsaturated fats, which are primarily, found in potato crisps aid in breaking down the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing the good cholesterol (HDL).

Some incorrect fat loss facts pertain to the use of consistent exercise with limited food, which puts you on the brink of starvation as one of the speediest ways of reducing fats. Starvation usually causes the body to move into overdrive. It starts to conserve energy and starts hording the resources as does not know when the next energy dose will come. This further exacerbates the weight problem and the complete opposite to fat loss. Appetite suppressants and crash diets have their own adverse effects. Thus, exercise is the only way to get rid of the excess fatty tissue without taxing and confusing the body and is the one accurate fat loss fact that applies in all scenarios.

A surprising fat loss fact outlines the consumption of a carbs diet as one of the fastest ways of reducing weight. Eating bread instead of chocolate is definitely healthy and generates fewer calories as well. However, a full avoidance of fats and just a carbs diet can have the opposite effect of not being able to starve off hunger and lead to a greater indulgence of food rather than a healthy controlled diet. Thus, weight loss is more complicated than just measuring calories per gram. Psychology has a role to play as well. Eating a chocolate bar and instead of the loaf of bread might be more beneficial in the end. Surprising and true fat loss facts point out to getting hunger cramps as an indicator of burning fat. This is true. The only way to reduce weight is to eat sensibly and take a lower calorie intake. Exercise is helpful, but the weight at the end of the day depends on the calorie intake. When the amount of calories undertaken is reduced, hunger cramps are bound to take place.

Concisely, the key to reducing weight is to fully understand the logic behind all the fat loss facts you find. Do not randomly act on whatever is in front of you, try to fully comprehend what is true and what is false and make a healthy diet plan which will generate the most concrete results.