Always on the Prowl for New Exercise Equipment

Since I was very young, I have always been a jock. At the playground, I had to be the fastest when we played tag or dodgeball. In high school, I was head of the track team. Because of this, one of my greatest joys has always been getting new exercise equipment. I can still remember the first time I got new balance exercise equipment in high school. I thought the shoes were ugly, but Ive always had wide feet and they were the only ones that would fit me. Although I wouldve liked to have one of the more popular brand names, such as aerobic step exercise equipment Reebok or Nike, it still made me feel so proud that now I finally had my own running shoes. The next piece of new exercise equipment I got was my jersey when I made the team, and I can not remember a prouder moment. Of course, now Im older, and the emphasis of my exercise program has changed somewhat. Most of the interactive exercise equipment that I get nowadays is not geared towards playing a specific game, but towards keeping me in shape. The other day, for example, I got some new weight lifting equipment. I have been using one of those bow flex machines for a long time, but never got around to picking up a decent set of free weights. So when I finally saved up some money and got the new exercise equipment, you can bet I locked myself in the basement for a week. Every chance I got, I was downstairs pumping iron!

My wife makes fun of my obsession with new fitness equipment, but she has her own vices. You see, while I like to spend my time working out, she likes to spend her time making art. When I buy new exercise equipment she may scoff, but it strikes me as every bit as absurd when she spends weeks and weeks obsessing over some marker or some paint brush before joyously bringing it home and spending a week getting to know it. Through our passions, we have gotten to understand each other. Art has never appealed to me, but I understand how much she likes it, because she relates it to my own interests. As working out is a stress reliever for me, making art is a stress reliever for her. As I get excited over new exercise equipment, she gets excited over new painting supplies.

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